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Medical services


Medical services

The basis of the treatment is a comprehensive questioning and thorough examination. For the initial treatment, I therefore take up to 50 minutes together with you.

Please bring the following with you for this first appointment if possible:

  • all existing examination results
  • Available images, e.g. MRI, X-ray as CD or printout
  • Comfortable clothes (so that I can show you exercises that will help you to get healthy)

For online consultations, you can also send me the corresponding findings in advance.

Therapeutically, we then develop a holistic concept together, taking into account your overall situation. The following techniques can be used for this:



Manual medicine

Sports Medicine


Ayurvedic medicine


Günter Niessen, MD

Orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, physiotherapist, yoga teacher, Ayurvedic physician



Orthopaedics deals with the diseases of the human musculoskeletal system and thus all those complaints that are associated with changes to the

  • Muscles,
  • Tendons,
  • Connective tissue and the
  • Bones and joints

can occur.

In order to develop a sustainable therapy concept for your complaints, I focus on the whole person and take your needs into account:

  • Constitution,
  • Lifestyle habits,
  • physical activity level
  • Working conditions and
  • individual needs

I describe my orthopaedic approach with the terms "gentle and integrative orthopaedics", in which you and I take action together to restore your balance in a comprehensive sense, without using invasive or surgical methods.


Yoga with a therapeutic orientation is particularly close to my heart. In the sense of a "multimodal therapy concept", yoga offers not only physical exercises and breathing techniques, but also meditation, an outlook on life as well as spiritual and philosophical aspects in order to practically and actively find one's way back to a stable centre from a holistic point of view.

Yoga therapy can be used alone or in combination with the findings of modern medicine and Ayurveda. This depends on the severity of your illness or suffering and your wishes and goals.

Manual medicine

Manual medicine includes all techniques that are performed with the therapist's hands. In addition to chiropractic, the treatment mainly includes gentle, mobilising muscle, fascia and connective tissue techniques.

After the manual-therapeutic treatment, I always carry out a stabilising, active exercise treatment with you in the same session, which should then also be continued independently.


Sports Medicine

The findings of modern sports medicine can be used in particular for acute injuries or chronic misuse and overload.

The slight modification of sporting and everyday movements is often helpful.

In addition, acute injuries can be helped, for example:

  • Supportive bandages with orthoses or casts
  • Dynamic bandaging with Kinesio-Tape
  • Active substance applications as with ointment dressings
  • Avoidance of overload
  • Trigger point therapy or
  • specific exercises



In numerous studies, the effectiveness of Far Eastern-style acupuncture has been shown to be very effective for diseases of various kinds, especially for various pain symptoms.

Via stimulation using wafer-thin, non-painful needles, certain points on the energy pathways are stimulated. This energy, the so-called "Qi" of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), flows along meridians or energy pathways and can thus be influenced through targeted intervention.

Acupuncture is able to re-harmonise disturbed functional circuits of our organism and to create a balance in the body.


Ayurveda translates as the "knowledge of life" and is traditional Indian medicine. Its view of human health differs significantly from that of modern medicine. It treats disturbances in the balance of the three bioenergies or functional principles that shape life, the doshas:

  • Vata
  • Pitta
  • Kapha

The doshas are in an individual balance in a healthy person. If disturbances occur, they can be corrected by adjusting the doshas, among other things.

  • of lifestyle,
  • of the royal activity
  • nutrition and by means of medicinal herbs

be treated.

In order to be able to offer more advanced and specialised Ayurvedic treatments, I work closely with the Department of Naturopathy at the Immanuel Hospital in Berlin Wannsee and the Sonne und Mond Health Centre in Berlin-Mitte.


The costs for private patients are based on the fee schedule for physicians (GOÄ)and can be taken up by private health insurance companies.

I treat non-privately insured patients as self-paying patients and charge 110€ per session of up to 50 minutes.

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